Sirius Marketing | Bali Hawaiian Version 2018
EVERYBODY NOW~ "我们一起学猫叫 一起....."
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Bali Hawaiian Version 2018

THEME: Hawaiian
VILLA: The Residence Seminyak
FEATURED: Finns Beach Club

Hope you enjoyed the ASMR of wrapping paper tearing, you strange humans!

During the festive period and in the spirit of giving, it has become a tradition for us to bring our closest business partners to Bali to say…
‘You have made such amazing contributions, YOU DESERVE THIS.’

After a crazy year of moving office and launching our new event space, we decided to have a bit more of a chill trip
to wind down and spend time with one another in the villa.

To initiate the newer faces into our yearly tradition, we headed to Motel Mexicola for dinner
and let’s just say we teleported to Hogwarts and got a few Goblets of Fire 🔥

Honestly, this is THE trip you would want to go for every year.