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Shih tzu, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, Maltese, Malti-poo, Siberian Husky, Shiba Inu, Pug, Jack Russell, Schnauzer~ WE LOVE THE YEAR OF THE DOG
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It’s that ‘旺(wang)’-derful time of the year where we toss many lou hei in hopes of minimal food thrown around…
but nonetheless leaving no table
no floor,
and no hand

Exhibit A

Holidays are great for excuses!

An excuse to eat whatever we want, go shopping,
request your favourite food, and an excuse to play loud festive music.

Since it was the Year of the Dog, we got our Ambassadors to send us photos of their dogs
so that we can feature their fur kids at our front desk. That definitely brightened up their day, I mean come on…look at those gorgeous happy faces!

(I meant the dogs if you were confused…just kidding!)

It may not look like Chinatown but I think the team did a great job making the place look great!
Even Goldie dropped by and approved 😀

Chinese New Year is usually a festivity for family reunions, so we were glad to be able to spend it with our 2nd family.
Thank you to everyone who made the time to come down to ‘toss’ to a great and prosperous year ahead!




We hope everyone enjoyed their visitation, good food, and company.
May you have good health, good wealth, happiness all year round!

With all the snacks, and late night activities, remember to drink water and get enough rest~ 🙂